Kaba products are used in every imaginable situation to solve numerous problems and meet a multitude of different requirements and wishes.

Examples of implemented solutions in various customer segments illustrate the countless application possibilities and give you an idea of Kaba's competence in these areas. 

Banks and insurance companies

Despite the protective measures required, their premises have to be attractive and welcoming for clients and staff, and processes still have to be carried out smoothly.

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Public health sector

Kaba protects buildings and installations against illicit access, provides contact-less passage, organizes room utilization and controls access of patients, visitors, staff members, doctors, etc.

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Industry and Trade

In production facilities, the systems and premises are used by employees with different roles.

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Private security

A secure home is simply essential for comfortable living. Especially when away from home during the day or on holiday, there is a strong desire for a secure locking system.

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Traffic and logistic

Many different groups and traffic flows must be processed in the shortest time possible, with increasingly stringent security checks required.

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Only a flexible system that determines authorisations on an individual basis or by user groups and security zones can meet the security needs for access control.

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Public facilities

Access authorisations can be restricted by creating zones with an increased level of security, and the event tracing function can help to reduce the theft of goods and money to a minimum.

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Sports and recreation

Large sports and other recreational events present the challenge of having to process thousands of visitors in the shortest possible time.

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Hotels and gastronomy

Kaba is one of the leading providers of access control solutions for hotel locking systems. We supply technologically sophisticated solutions and a maintenance service that is second to none, for hotels and holiday homes.

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