Industry and Trade

In the industrial and commercial sectors, the success of a company largely depends on efficiently organized operating sequences.

Industry and Trade
Industry and Trade
Industry and Trade


Security combined with data recording

Kaba protects buildings and installations against illicit access, monitors the premises and access sites, organizes room utilization and controls access of visitors, staff members, craftsmen, janitors, suppliers, etc.


  • Zones for customers and staff members
  • Manufacturing halls and clean rooms
  • Site access gates und car park management
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lockers and archive cabinets
  • Protection of valuables


Kaba exos

Online access management system.

Ideal for large organisations requiring maximum security, organisational efficiency, flexibility and maximum upgrade-capacity.

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Kaba exos sky

Online access control systems.

For small to medium-sized organisations requiring efficient operation, simple installation and flexible management of personnel- and access entitlements.

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Kaba evolo

Standalone access system (design line).

Modern wireless access system in a high-quality design. Can be used anywhere, from homes to industrial- and office buildings.

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Kaba TouchGo

Kaba TouchGo

Easy-to-use access system.

Simply touch the door handle and the lock detects whether you are allowed to enter. Ideal for use in care homes for instance.

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Kaba elolegic

Stand-alone access system.

Tried and tested wireless access system with extensive product range. Ideal for the integration of electronic components into existing mechanical locking systems.

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Kaba elostar

Mechatronic locking system.

Combines tried-and-tested mechanism with electronics. Keys can be immediately blocked. Can be used anywhere, from homes to industrial- and office buildings.

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Kaba x-lock

Emergency exit systems.

Door locks with automatic emergency exit-enabling in panic situations. Can be used in industry, offices and public buildings.

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Great oaks from little acorns grow

Despite complex requirements and the need to integrate the solution into the existing system, a modular and freely scalable concept was implemented at Leche Pascual using Kaba exos.

Products used: Kaba exos 9300 access control and time management.

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