Private security

Burglars aren't just attracted to country residences and detached houses. Even apartment blocks and housing estates carry an additional risk.


Proper protection for your own home

Kaba offers a comprehensive range of mechanical, mechatronic and electronic products – from simple locking systems to state-of-the-art, bespoke premium solutions. Thanks to their frequent use, the products have a highly robust and weather-resistant design and provide effective protection against break-ins.


  • Entrance areas
  • Access points
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Garage doors


Kaba 8

Locking cylinder with pinion.

The original locking system for registered individual locks and furniture.

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Kaba 20

Locking cylinder with pinion.

The standard locking system for registered individual locks and homes.

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Kaba star

Locking cylinder with pinion.

The high performance locking system is ideal for complex systems with high security requirements.

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Kaba elostar

Mechatronic locking system.

Combines tried-and-tested mechanism with electronics. Keys can be immediately blocked. Can be used anywhere, from homes to industrial- and office buildings.

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Kaba elolegic

Stand-alone access system.

Tried and tested wireless access system with extensive product range. Ideal for the integration of electronic components into existing mechanical locking systems.

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Kaba TouchGo

Kaba TouchGo

Easy-to-use access system.

Simply touch the door handle and the lock detects whether you are allowed to enter. Ideal for use in care homes for instance.

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Varrit Optima, Kaba Tresor

Varrit optima

Varrit optima vaults, resistance grade II.

Ideal for private- or office use.

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Varrit maxima, Kaba Tresor Safe

Varrit maxima

Varrit maxima vaults, resistance grade III to IV.

The space-saving miracle for office- or private use.

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Access for authorised users in "Klein-Rheinfelden"

Switching from a purely mechanical to a mechatronic locking system resolves the issue of lost keys for rented properties and enables a comprehensive access control system to be implemented. The renewal of locking systems for multiple occupancy dwellings involved installing approximately 200 Kaba elostar c-levers and 1000 mechanical Kaba cylinders.

Products used: Kaba elostar c-lever, Kaba star locking cylinders.

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