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  • The new Kaba star - security in top shape


    Thanks to its almost unlimited application potential the Kaba star has been the undisputed leader of mechanical locking systems for decades. Kaba now presents its classic model in a new design.

  • Cooperation between Swisscom, LEGIC® and Kaba


    Thanks to the cooperation between Swisscom, LEGIC® and Kaba, it will soon be possible in Switzerland to safely and easily integrate time and attendance recording and access control into the daily business processes using Near Field Communication.

  • Segment on NFC in the “Einstein” programme


    NFC (Near Field Communication) is on the up and up. Thanks to NFC, smartphones are becoming devices with an ever-increasing range of uses. As of now, Kaba digital cylinders are NFC ready. View the most important questions and answers on the topic of NFC in the segment on NFC in the "Einstein" programme (SRF1). To the video...

  • Kaba launches its own news app


    With the new «Kaba e-magazine» in digital format, Kaba once again confirms its position as an innovative company and makes good use of the new media for its customer newsletters. «Kaba news» is available with immediate effect as a news app in the App Store and can be read on the iPad, iPhone and as an interactive magazine, for the customer's convenience.

  • Interview with Riet Cadonau at the Swiss Economic Forum 2012


    Riet Cadonau talks about the strong Swiss franc and how well Kaba is able to withstand crises. Kaba's location in Switzerland is an important factor in its success. To the interview ...

  • Successful appearance at the 'Personal Swiss' trade fair 2012


    Personal Swiss, the Exhibition for Human Resource Management, ran from 17 - 18 April 2012 and formed the meeting place for providers of products and services for the human resources sector as well as for human resources decision-makers from the fields of industry and management.

  • Kaba B-inspired – The new Kaba information system for much more than time recording


    With 'Kaba B-inspired', Kaba is bringing an innovative information system that offers much more than time recording to the market. With this new system, all employees within a company can keep up to date more quickly and communicate more easily, saving time in the process.

  • Mechanical fingerprint' thanks to Kaba KeyLink


    Kaba KeyLink is an innovative way to manage the Kaba star locking system, which has proven itself millions of times over.

  • Ausgezeichneter Zutritt: Kaba erhält Design-Awards


    Das neue Corporate Produkt-Design von Kaba erhält gleich drei der begehrten IF Product Design Awards.

  • Kaba meets the BSI’s RFID security criteria


    With such a wide variety of RFID applications available, many operators find it difficult to assess how secure they are. Often these companies just have to trust whatever their suppliers tell them. Kaba is currently the only access management solutions business that complies with the technical guideline for RFID security.

  • B-Web 9340 - Time recording redefined


    Time recording – redefined: Innovative design with an intuitive control concept - Guide by Light.