Reports / Success stories Switzerland

Reports / Success stories about successful and interesting projects with Kaba solutions in Switzerland.

Kaba elostar at the Quellenhof building in Rapperswil

Kaba elostar combines tried-and-tested mechanics with electronics, allowing keys to be blocked immediately. This ensures that the various security requirements of users within the same building are met.

Products used: Kaba elostar

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Kaba TouchGo in health care

Kaba TouchGo, the new electronic locking system, allows you to open a door without having to carry around either a key or an access card. Having trouble with the lock and rummaging around for keys is a thing of the past, which significantly eases the everyday life of dementia patients.

Products used: Kaba TouchGo

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Kaba CheckIn in action

Kaba CheckIn is a management system for guest rooms that ensures a convenient and safe stay, controlled by the very latest technology. The innovative locking system meets the requirements of the Giardino luxury hotel in St. Moritz in terms of security and convenience.

Products used: Kaba CheckIn

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Kaba TouchGo in public administrative bodies

Kaba TouchGo, the innovative access control system for security, efficiency and increased user comfort. The concept opens doors through touch and elegantly regulates entry to the Department of Transport for staff and visitors.

Products used: Kaba TouchGo c-lever

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Kaba TouchGo in action

Kaba TouchGo, the innovative access control system. A blessing for reduced mobility users!

Being able to open doors without having to struggle with the authorisation media has provided unrivalled levels of convenience in IWAZ Wetzikon.

Products used: Kaba TouchGo.

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Access for authorised users in "Klein-Rheinfelden"

Switching from a purely mechanical to a mechatronic locking system resolves the issue of lost keys for rented properties and enables a comprehensive access control system to be implemented. The renewal of locking systems for multiple occupancy dwellings involved installing approximately 200 Kaba elostar c-levers and 1000 mechanical Kaba cylinders.

Products used: Kaba elostar c-lever, Kaba star locking cylinders.

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Holiday paradise with access to lake

In the Centro Evangelico Magliaso, both Kaba star and various Kaba elolegic products are in continuous use. Customer benefits: Flexible programming, controlling visitor flows, rapid response if key is lost and traceability.

Products used: Kaba elolegic c-lever, Zylinder und Leser.

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