Kaba KeyLink

'Mechanical fingerprint' thanks to Kaba KeyLink

Kaba KeyLink is an innovative way to manage the Kaba star locking system, which has proven itself millions of times over. Kaba KeyLink is based on the successful and globally-established Kaba CardLink access concept, allowing unrestricted flexibility to be used in mechanical solutions.

Practically limitless possibilities

The benefits of Kaba KeyLink are unrivalled: The flexible use of up to 45 independent cylinder groups allows an unlimited number of individual key combinations - theoretically tens of thousands of billions. All of these combination possibilities are available to order at any time without interfering with the door cylinders. This enables access rights that correspond to the Kaba CardLink concept to be registered on the Kaba star key.

Highest degree of flexibility

Thanks to the Kaba KeyLink, mechanical access rights can be planned individually with extreme flexibility and can also be defined at a later point. Current authorisations are thoroughly documented for all users and are traceable across the whole system at any time.

Easily expandable

Kaba star with Kaba KeyLink is a system that can be boundlessly expanded and consistently guarantees the highest levels of security at every stage of expansion - all of this at no additional cost. The system constantly adapts to evolving needs, thus offering a high degree of long-term investment protection.

Kaba KeyLink offers an unrestricted array of individual possibilities.