Online key registration

Why a key registration?

To guarantee a long-term protection of your Kaba keys, all the Kaba master key systems (with the exception of Kaba 8) are registered. This means that Kaba knows who the legitimate owner of the master key system is. To provide this degree of safety, every Kaba gemini S, Kaba 20 or Kaba star individual cylinder as well as every Kaba master key system is supplied together with a safety card containing a code. This document determines the authorization requirements for any subsequent key orders, thus providing an efficient protection against illegal repeat orders.

Advantages of a registration

Once your installation respectively the associated keys have been registered, you and no one else decides who can order which key. This prevents unauthorized persons from procuring themselves duplicate keys for your master key system. As an additional benefit, the "Found key" tag is no longer necessary. To be able to register the keys, you should have the following documents ready: Safety card + accompanying brochure (for entering the registered information) and a key of the installation.

For key registration...

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