Kaba digital cylinders – secure, modern, easy to use


Kaba digital cylinder
Kaba digital cylinder

These are lifestyle cylinder locks with both visual and acoustic access signals. They are compact, energy efficient and extremely easy to install. The many different versions offer a solution for every door.


  • Can be installed in any door made of wood, glass or metal
  • Suitable for installation in fire doors
  • Increased drill protection for enhanced security
  • Award-winning modern design
  • Available in black or white


Kaba evolo

Standalone access system (design line).

Modern wireless access system in a high-quality design. Can be used anywhere, from homes to industrial- and office buildings.

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Kaba exos

Online access management system.

Ideal for large organisations requiring maximum security, organisational efficiency, flexibility and maximum upgrade-capacity.

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Kaba digital cylinder

Kaba digital cylinder

The card works on the outside knob only, where access authorisation is checked. A typical application environment is offices.

Kaba digital cylinder - dual

Kaba digital cylindre double

This digital cylinder is suitable for areas where both knobs (inside as well as outside) are operated by the badge, e.g. transition areas, corridors, organisation of different building sectors, etc.

Kaba digital cylinder - half

Kaba digital cylindre half

This device is best for doors that only open from one side, e.g. cabinets.

Kaba digital cylinder – anti-panic

Kaba digital cylinder antipanique

This version is for panic doors. The (mechanical) inner knob is attached to the emergency bar to allow immediate opening of the door.

The above cylinders can all be integrated into fire doors and are available with increased drilling protection (VdS class BZ+).