Lock cylinders with reversible keys

Kaba Locking systems with reversible keys for ultimate convenience and security

  • Locking cylinder - Kaba 20

    The standard locking system for registered individual locks and locking systems. Reordering of keys controlled by security card.

  • Locking cylinder - Kaba star

    Sophisticated system, well suited for complex organisations that require high security. Can be upgraded to electronic locking.

  • Locking cylinder - Kaba 8

    The original Kaba locking system for a diverse range of applications in the private sector or in small businesses. Key copies available in minutes.

Lock cylinders with ‘reversible’ keys provide ultimate user convenience, as there is no top or bottom side to the key. Unlike serrated keys, they can be inserted into the lock from any position.

The ergonomically designed Kaba lock cylinders are also extremely secure and our precision technology ensures that these cylinders are durable and require little maintenance.