Customer safe deposit installations Vetox


Economic solution for safe deposit installations

Kaba has developed an integrated, electronic safe management system for banks which meets the highest security demands. The fully automatic safe management system Vetox enables bank customers autonomous access to bank safe deposit boxes without being escorted by bank personnel. In this way, the investment made in a new safe deposit installation can already be amortised within a few years. Normally, safe deposit installations are built within a vault room. Small bank branches can also build their safe deposit installations within a Varrit safe.

Leading solution worldwide

Kaba safe installations are the only ones worldwide which can be extended to ultra-modern, fully-automatically regulated and controlled customer safe installations. All structural components are compatible with each other and can be installed at a later time on already existing Kaba electronic safe installations.

Total anonymity for customers with the Kaba cylinder key

Today more and more bank customers do not accept a two-way key for reasons of anonymity, among others. Therefore, a modern lock for the safe deposit box is an absolute must for Kaba! The patented and copy-protected Kaba Star key for the Vetox installation can no longer be identified as such among a bunch of keys.

Individual design for safe deposit installations

The Vetox installation is extremely flexible in terms of the division of deposit box sizes and the design colour. During construction or renovation, Vetox installations can be adapted to suit the room size and design wishes of the architect without any problems. Further extensions or modifications at a later date can be quickly realised.

Investment in the future

A safe deposit installation is a long-term investment. Kaba guarantees you the highest possible investment security as a result of the high level of compatibility and the constant further development of the electronic management system.

Consulting by experts

Take advantage of the many years’ experience of the dafe deposit installation specialists at Kaba. We know what your customers demand and realize this for you in line with real market conditions.

Detailed information

The safe installation brochure contains all further information about the Vetox system as well as the technical data.