Electroplating as a service

The electroplating specialists from Kaba are expert, flexible and quick

The electroplating  installation is at the latest state-of-the-art with regard to the process – for both the automatic and the manual electroplating system. It has a computer-supported processor control, which guarantees outstanding qualitative and economic results.  This process makes a  high rate of production possible, and thereby  permits us a great deal of flexibility, for both our own requirements and for external contract work. And it goes without saying that the requirements of modern ecology and an optimal protection of persons are also guaranteed.

Quality and Service - Finishing variants

Contact address:
Reto Castelluccio
Head of electroplating
Tel: 044 931 63 31
Fax: 044 931 62 19
E-Mail: reto.castelluccio@dormakaba.com