Kaba ARIOS security for RFID systems

Kaba ARIOS is a security concept for access management systems which use RFID technologies (e.g. MIFARE or LEGIC).






Depend on Kaba ARIOS - you can't get more secure than this.

Kaba ARIOS is the only system in the world to provide process security through the entire supply chain in compliance with BSI TR RFID 03126-5. (BSI: German Federal Office for Safety in IT ).

In the past these systems have been protected by a data key which you need to keep safely but which several people know about, some of whom may not be part of your organisation. With the revolutionary security concept from Kaba, your system is protected by several secret and non-readable keys and by special security chips.

Complete security

With Kaba ARIOS you don't need expensive safety measures to safeguard your system keys because the system operates with non-readable keys.

Simplified processes

With Kaba ARIOS you protect your entire system from the system components to individual IDs, from commissioning through operation to maintenance and card ordering processes.


With Kaba ARIOS your system is always state of the art. Migration paths - from MIFARE classic to MIFARE DESFire - make upgrading to the latest technologies quick and easy.


Secure IDs

Each ID is protected by its own unique access key. No data theft during operation!

Secure system components

Security chips in all components protect your data key thanks to accredited encryption mechanisms. No unprotected data keys!

Secure ID ordering process

The ID supplier receives a production key with limited validity. No unnoticed ID copies!

Secure system installation

Invisible system key randomly generated by the system. No misuse or theft!