Bicycle Compound

Bicycle Compound
Protect the whole bicycle compound against theft and vandalism.

Bicycle Compound
Prevent unauthorised people from entering the compound.

Bicycle Compound
Issue bicycle parking spaces just like car parks or lockers.

Encouraging bicycle use is near the top of many universities' agendas and may form part of your social responsibility framework. This creates a duty of care for universities, because cycles must be secure against theft and vandalism.

Keep your bicycle compounds secure with Kaba

Cycle owners can lock up their bicycles to prevent thieves wheeling them away. But the overall security of the compound is always at risk.

To optimise security, the entry of unauthorised people needs to be prevented altogether. You can achieve this with Kaba through:

  • Installing full-height turnstiles, customised and configured to your requirements
  • Integrating turnstiles into a full access control system
  • Providing secure access using student ID cards