Building Entrances

Building Entrance
Ensure optimum climate control to reduce energy using a revolving door.

Building Entrance
Combine various door types to provide suitable emergency exits.

Building Entrance
Integrate doors with access control to enable time-based authorisation.

Building entrances create several challenges for universities – and entry is just one of them:

  • Security and control of access, including differentiated day and night access
  • Climate control, energy saving, cost control
  • Attractive design and seamless integration into the façade of the building
  • Safety of people while entering and exiting the building
  • Emergency exit management and evacuation

Effectively managing entrances with Kaba systems

Kaba’s revolving doors are built to optimise the many factors that affect the entrance to a building, and can be fully customised to any architectural design requirements. There are many benefits:

  • Integrating the door into the university’s access control system
  • Using online Security Navigation Software to regulate the flow of people (e.g. higher revolving speed at busy times and slower in case of a security alert)
  • Maintaining temperature and avoiding draught in the building
  • Reducing wasted energy