Dealing with Hazardous Substances

Make sure that chemicals always stay within the laboratory.

Provide valuable equipment without the risk of theft.

Prevent leakage of radioactive material.

Ensure security of valuable items within the lab.

Identify people who enter the facilities real time.

The demands for security and safety in laboratories create the requirement for adequate access control and presence registration. Ensuring this by increasing staffing and training does not only contain the risk of human error, it is also expensive. This is why some educational institutions cannot provide sufficiently equipped laboratories to their students.

Overriding needs include keeping equipment, chemicals, biological samples and hazardous substances under control to protect people’s health. In addition, prevention of theft, tampering and – potentially – espionage is a requirement.

Combining Kaba technologies for safety and security

Kaba can combine a number of security solutions that are tried and tested in laboratory conditions:

  • Time-controlled locking devices for cabinets as well as doors
  • Registration terminals that verify individuals identities before allowing entry into the premises, meanwhile register the event centrally
  • Software that manages time-related access rights, generates customised reports and accommodates schedule changes and security profiles at short notice

Additionally the door handles to the cabinets containing hazardous substances can be programmed to open at the touch of a hand.