Increasing Staff Productivity

Admin Facilities
Keep student files safe and confidential.

Admin Facilities
Identify people who enter sensitive areas.

Admin Facilities
Protect office equipment from theft and vandalism.

Admin Facilities
Reduce staff absenteeism and increase productivity through automated time recording.

How do you keep offices safe, efficient and productive without intrusive and complex security measures? Office equipment, computers, stationery, student dossiers, exam papers and research projects need to be protected from theft and manipulation. Kaba has the solutions.

Access management systems for offices

Kaba's access management solutions enable you to define who should be allowed to enter which offices – and when. Door activity is registered and incidents traced back, which helps identify when a door was opened and by whom. This can be done using a standalone system where the history is registered in the locking devices, or in real time if of an online integrated system.

Mechanical locking cylinders

An alternative is a mechanical master-key system for doors as well as for office cabinets, storage rooms and utilities. Kaba’s mechanical locking cylinders can be mastered into integrated key systems to reduce key replacement costs. Colour-coded key clips identify which keys open which doors. Where available, the electronic access control system can also register mechanical access rights, e.g. which key has been given to whom.

Increasing staff productivity

Efficient workforce management is key to the success of an organisation. Wage overpayment, over or under-staffing, payroll errors... the costs can be hidden but significant.

  • Up to 2 hours a day can be lost in lateness, long breaks and early departures
  • Up to 5% of payroll costs are accounted for by inefficient HR systems, such as clock cards or time sheets. That is 7 minutes per employee per day.

These costs can be saved through a customised Kaba time and attendance system that is fully integrated into the university IT infrastructure.