Emergency Exit Management

Emergency Exit Management
An orderly emergency exit ensures high safety standards.

Emergency Exit Management
Student parties are exciting, but can have health risks if safety standards are compromised.

Emergency Exit Management
A comprehensive access control solution minimises safety risks in an emergency.

Educational establishments hold many events on a regular basis e.g. graduation ceremonies, gala dinners, dance parties and science conferences. Sports halls are converted into concert halls, classrooms into dressing rooms and offices into security control rooms. While doing so, they need to ensure the security of dignitaries, safety of participants, smooth entry and exit of the crowd, and an overview of people’s presence in case of emergencies.

Total access management from Kaba

To help achieve this goal, Kaba offers high-tech solutions including:

  • Door systems that regulate the flow of people
  • Access control solutions to restrict certain areas within the campus
  • Mobile presence management systems to help keep an overview of who is where

All these solutions are offered with hardware that is compatible with official norms and standards.