Kaba evolo smart

The smart access solution for private residential properties and small businesses


Kaba evolo smart

The Kaba evolo smart Android app regulates which people have access to your door. Simply tap to select the time profile to give specific people restricted access.

The door status information can be read directly on your smartphone. The app can be used to record new access media, delete lost media and update door components.

Data is transferred via NFC*.
These processes do not require an internet connection.
*NFC: Near Field Communication


  • Perfect for private residential properties
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Fast programming for new employees
  • Lost media can be conveniently deleted
  • Simple time-restricted access possible
  • Secure media thanks to state-of-the-art technologies
  • Direct reading-in of the access media via 2D code
  • Security regulated via separate programming cards
  • Straightforward migration into larger systems thanks to compatible components


Kaba evolo smart
Kaba evolo smart

Small companies with one or two doors for employee access are faced with traditional access control challenges, with new employees joining the company, temporary staff, people leaving and keys being lost. The company must be able to respond to these challenges quickly and flexibly. Kaba evolo smart offers a simple solution developed especially to meet these requirements.

Potential areas of use include:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol stations
  • Agencies
  • Workshops
  • Start-ups


Kaba digital cylinder

Kaba digital cylinder

The elegant digital cylinder with optical and acoustic access signals. Compact, energy efficient and extremely easy to install.

Kaba c-lever

Kaba c-lever

This classically designed, tried-and-tested electronic fitting is impressively easy to use. The Kaba c-lever is compatible with all standard commercial locks, so in most cases locks will not need to be changed.

Kaba key fob with QR code

Kaba evolo smart key fob. Includes QR code for reading in the key fob with the Kaba evolo smart app.

Kaba user badge with QR code

Kaba evolo smart user badge. Includes QR code for reading in the badge with the Kaba evolo smart app.