Kaba CheckIn Guest room management

Kaba CheckIn - the optimum solution for the management of your hotel rooms.


Kaba CheckIn room door furniture

Kaba CheckIn forms part of Kaba evolo manager and is an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface for hotels looking for an efficient means of programming and managing their guest badge system.

After a brief planning period, the whole Kaba CheckIn installation can be carried out by your local Kaba partner quickly and easily.


  • The battery-operated elements can be installed quickly and easily.
  • The user-friendly software is available in several languages and enables efficient check in/check out.
  • Additional guest cards can be duplicated quickly and easily.
  • Guest cards that have been taken off the premises after the end of the stay automatically lose their authorisation. In the event of loss during the stay, a block can be set up using a service medium.
  • The guest cards can be reused an unlimited number of times.Seamless integration: Management of mechanical keys is also possible with the software.
  • Where necessary, it is possible to trace the activities at the doors using the event memory.
  • Emergency opening: Emergency access cards or a mechanical locking cylinder can be integrated without any problems.
  • The privacy function can be implemented using a mechanical thumbturn cylinder.
  • Wide range: the right solution is available for every access area, whether it's the room door, lift, fitness room, health and fitness area or the garage.


Kaba CheckIn enables comprehensive, flexible and efficient access management in small and medium-sized hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and guest houses.

Kaba CheckIn can be used independently as a purely functional and cost-optimised guest room management system. In addition, the software offers the option of managing the complex access organisation for staff. In the password-protected administration area, this management can be carried out independently or by the Kaba partner.

Technical Data

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The two RFID technologies LEGIC and MIFARE are available.

The security is based on the system-specific coding.

User convenience is guaranteed by the contact-free data transmission.


With its four main functions of CheckIn, CheckOut, room status and verification, the user-friendly Kaba CheckIn software enables efficient work at reception. The password-protected user interface with automatic time-out ensures that only authorised persons can create guest cards.

In CheckIn, the access authorisations for the personal room and all other entrances such as the main entrance, health and fitness area, underground car park, etc. are granted quickly and easily. Guest requirements such as additional cards, a second room on the same card, a duplicate card, extended access, etc. can be met immediately. The authorisation duration corresponds to the stay, any guest cards that guests have taken off the premises by mistake at the end of the stay automatically lose their access rights. If a guest card is lost during the stay, this can be blocked securely using the service medium, which gives the guest confidence.

In CheckOut, returned guest cards are deleted and are immediately available to be re-used. This enables efficient and cost-saving card management. In addition, unrestricted re-usability is guaranteed by the maintenance-free RFID technology.

Each guest card programmed in CheckIn can be seen in the room status. This provides reception staff with an overview of which rooms can be allocated to new guests. Furthermore, the status also ensures that it is not possible to accidentally create guest cards for rooms that are already occupied.

If a guest card is found or handed in, it is possible to verify (i.e. read out) which room this card is for and, depending on the use of people's names, which guest it belongs to. This makes it possible to return the card to the guest, perhaps even before he/she has noticed it is missing.

The privacy function for the guest can be realised in a simple and user-friendly manner with a traditional thumbturn half cylinder that is intuitive to operate. The mechanical emergency opening can be triggered with a half cylinder with a special closure. The combination of the privacy function and emergency opening can easily be realised with the thumbturn locking cylinder.


Kaba CheckIn room door furniture

Room door furniture

The Kaba c-lever compact room door furniture combines innovation and new, high-quality design. The separation of the door handle and the locking cylinder enables the Kaba c-lever to be installed very easily using just two screws, as was previously only the case with mechanical handle fittings.

Kaba CheckIn reader

Reader at entrance/health and fitness area

The Kaba reader has a high-quality gloss finish and operates the locking components such as the door opener, motorised locks, barriers and automatic doors. The integrated clock timer function enables the automatic activation of doors, e.g. the hotel entrance should automatically be locked during the night – access only with authorised cards.

Kaba CheckIn desktop reader

Kaba CheckIn desktop reader

With the elegant desktop reader, guest cards are programmed quickly and easily at reception. The desktop reader is as easy to handle as a conventional USB device, i.e. it can simply be plugged in and used. There are no running costs, as the energy supply is provided via USB and the cards are programmed with the contact-free RFID technology.

Kaba CheckIn digital cylindre

Digital cylinder for general-purpose doors

The Kaba digital cylinder is characterised by high-quality design, innovative haptics and compactness. It is used like a mechanical locking cylinder, with the advantages of electronics and the fact it can be operated with cards. Thanks to the simplicity of assembly and operation, the digital cylinder is an attractive component when it comes to access organisation.

Guest card Kaba CheckIn

Kaba CheckIn guest/staff cards

The guest and staff cards are based on contact and maintenance-free RFID technologies that are compatible with multiple applications. These technologies are user friendly and enable secure and controlled entry.


Kaba CheckIn in action

Kaba CheckIn is a management system for guest rooms that ensures a convenient and safe stay, controlled by the very latest technology. The innovative locking system meets the requirements of the Giardino luxury hotel in St. Moritz in terms of security and convenience.

Products used: Kaba evolo, Kaba CheckIn.

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