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Update terminals
Update terminals

Many organisations need to update the access rights of their employees frequently. This can be for security reasons or because those employees need to access different rooms to fulfill their tasks. The new credentials can be easily entered into the central system and collected by the relevant employees on an update terminal as they enter the premises. The 9420 terminal, which works via CardLink, can be installed inside the staff entrance.

This feature can also be used when visitors and subcontractors need to update their access rights, e.g. an extension of their stay or they need to access new rooms. In that case, the terminal should be installed at strategic locations, for example in the lift lobby on each floor.


  • Contemporary aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern architecture.
  • Up-to-date information mailbox to reduce manual HR enquiries.
  • Support of all conventional RFID technologies.
  • Easy network integration using Ethernet interface.
  • ‘One-Click’ installation and replacement; no loss of data.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) means no separate power cable is needed.
  • Data retention in case of power failure, no loss of data.
  • Online/offline software makes individual operation easy to manage.
  • IP 54 protection class means you can install in industrial environments.


The CardLink concept enables users to collect their new access rights without having to walk to the operator. This is highly convenient for users and can save the operator a lot of time and money, especially in large organisations or in facilities with remote buildings and dynamic movement of staff and visitors.