Kaba c-lever - proven reliability and classic design


Kaba c-lever

Proven and well established, the c-lever is timeless in its classical design and user-friendliness. It is compatible with practically all standardised mortice door locks. In most cases, there is no need for a door lock change.


  • Provides enhanced security, as the lock is only activated after an authorised smartcard has been presented.
  • Suitable for many applications in an office and industrial environment, especially office doors.
  • Can be installed almost on any wood, glass or metal surface.
  • Various door handles are available to fit your existing door design.
  • Mechanical override possibility, which can save lives in an emergency.
  • Available with burglary resistant door shield.
  • Available in various technologies, including LEGIC and MIFARE as well as RCID, the latter under the TouchGo brand.


Kaba evolo

Standalone access system (design line).

Modern wireless access system in a high-quality design. Can be used anywhere, from homes to industrial- and office buildings.

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Kaba exos

Online access management system.

Ideal for large organisations requiring maximum security, organisational efficiency, flexibility and maximum upgrade-capacity.

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Kaba CheckIn in action

Kaba CheckIn is a management system for guest rooms that ensures a convenient and safe stay, controlled by the very latest technology. The innovative locking system meets the requirements of the Giardino luxury hotel in St. Moritz in terms of security and convenience.

Products used: Kaba evolo, Kaba CheckIn.

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