Kaba x-lock key-operated lock


Kaba x-lock key-operated locks are particularly well suited to doors where retrofitting to a Kaba x-lock panic solution may be planned for a later date.

The right lock for doors without emergency exit requirements. Thanks to their identical dimensions, conversion to a Kaba x-lock panic solution is possible with minimal outlay.


  • Unlocking/locking with locking cylinder

  • When unlocked, the door can be operated using the lever handle, for example

  • Lock case dimensions correspond to the Kaba x-lock panic, electric powered and motor locks

  • Bolt throw 20 mm

  • Patented double-action bolt system

  • Can be used for DIN door hinges on the left or right

  • No panic function

  • Available in various forend versions

  • Various Kaba x-lock locking plates are available


Industry and Trade

Industry and Trade

In production facilities, the systems and premises are used by employees with different roles.

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Only a flexible system that determines authorisations on an individual basis or by user groups and security zones can meet the security needs for access control.

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The Kaba x-lock locking plate and forend range for many different requirements.