Kaba star – security in a nutshell

The unique, high-performance locking system with a colour coding system design element.


Kaba star is the most sophisticated mechanical locking system available. It is characterised by its high-performance patented cylinder. This means that keys cannot be copied without your authorisation. The system is ideal for complex organisations with high security requirements.

The design element can be used to add a certain flourish, or to establish a colour coding system to indicate special access points such as evacuation and escape routes. The locking cylinder has a white, glow-in-the-dark ring element that makes it easier to insert keys in low-light conditions.

Kaba star can be combined with the electronic locks Kaba elolegic and Kaba elostar.

Kaba star uses the Kaba KeyLink permutation concept, and has an unlimited number of unique key combinations. This makes Kaba star one of the most secure locking systems in the world. It also has a highly flexible access authorisation system that is easily extendible.


Kaba star is a flexible locking cylinder that meets your high security and organisational requirements.

  • A series of patents means it is impossible for third parties to copy keys without your express authorisation.

    The Kaba key registration service only allows authorised copies to be made.

  • Certified in accordance with the highest European security standards and well protected against tampering and vandalism.
  • Kaba star can be seamlessly integrated into your mechatronic and electronic access control systems.
  • Colour coding system design element with seven different ring colours.
  • Modular construction enables length conversion, function adjustments, simpler servicing and rapid response times in the event of vandalism.
  • Designed to ensure compatibility. Kaba star is available with the Ø22 mm Swiss profile and the Ø17 mm Euro profile. You can also combine both within your operation.
  • The extremely high level of modularity enables substantial flexibility, meaning that you can add keys and cylinders in various combinations as your organisation evolves over time.
  • 14 different key clip colours enable better recognition and organisation.


Kaba star is perfect for security systems in the following areas:

  • Hotels, nursing homes, and hospitals
  • Industrial plants
  • Office buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Small businesses
  • Residential buildings

Technical Data

  • 5 to 8 pin rows
  • 26 pin positions that can be used at the same time
  • Key-detecting pins made of non-wearing hardened steel
  • The key is protected by patented features
  • Available with 22 mm diameter Swiss round profile and 17 mm diameter Euro profile