Sales through specialist partners

Kaba locking systems and security and locking technology products are distributed via authorised specialist partners.


You can recognise Kaba specialist partners by their specialist partner signet. Kaba has developed a sales concept in order to ensure optimal support for you as the end customer.

Support is provided by these trained specialist partners. All Kaba products are categorised into product divisions. The symbols in the logo represent the different skills of the partner in question.


All mechanical products such as Kaba 8, Kaba 20 and Kaba star locking systems. Kaba fittings, mechanical key deposits and key tubes, mechanical Kaba x-lock anti-panic locks.

All mechatronic products such as Kaba elostar, Kaba elolegic, Kaba evolo and Kaba TouchGo. Mechatronic key deposits, mechatronic fittings and Kaba x-lock locks.

System integrator partners are trained to design and plan sophisticated online security solutions such as Kaba exos sky, and to proficiently implement them. They combine the compatible components, modules and software packages to form innovative complete systems.