What is Kaba evolo smart?

Kaba evolo smart is an Android app that easily creates whitelists (access lists) and can be loaded onto a Kaba evolo door component. The media (with QR code) are registered using a smartphone camera. The whitelist created on the app is then loaded onto the door component via NFC (Near Field Communication).

Who is Kaba evolo smart for?

Kaba evolo smart is for customers who would like to manage one or two doors, but where manual programming is not enough. These customers include small and medium-sized businesses with around 20 to 30 employees.

What is required for Kaba evolo smart?

An NFC-enabled smartphone with Android version 4.4 or higher is required. A list of tested devices is to follow. Kaba smartcode (CID with QR code) media are also used for the app.

Traditional Kaba evolo components with firmware version 41.14RAS or higher (42.xx) are installed into the door.

What benefits does Kaba evolo smart offer?

  • Access to single doors can be managed very easily
  • No high costs for programming tools
  • No installation cost (mechanical cylinder is easy to replace)
  • Access media are not site-specific and can therefore also be used in several locations (e.g. office and at home)
  • Access can be restricted for certain users