Defender Module - Bolt Work

1-/2-lock operation, 4-sided, bolt protection, crimped base plate, eccentric drive

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Defender Module
Defender Module

The 4-sided bolt work family is characterised by its patented modular system. The Defender Module 1 is designed as a 1-lock operated bolt work for safes CEN 0-II. Due to the module components it can be extended very easily from the 1-lock to the 2-lock operated bolt work Defender Module 2.

Both bolt works offer best safety conditions for attacks on the operating handle.


Bolt work
Installation applications
- 4-sided
- Shaft throw 22 mm, opening angle of handle 55°
- Shaft connections: Ø 4.1 mm
- Shafts as loose components
- Lock mounting: 4 M6 threaded bushes
- Opening clockwise

Manipulation protection
- Bolt protection
- Crimped base plate for wire protection

Steel blank

Square eccentric drive 8 mm, with defined breaking points

Bolt work 84081 Defender Module 1
1-lock operation
Dimensions base module 163 x 104 mm
Short shafts

Weight approx. 1,600 g

Bolt work 84082 Defender Module 2
2-lock operation
Dimensions base module 163 x 204 mm
Long shafts

Weight approx. 1,800 g

Données techniques

OptionsOption code
Module components
The unique modular expansion concept allows the disposition of the module components without stocking the complete bolt work. This permits high handling flexibility with low storage costs.
Base module (for 1- or 2-lock operation)84081M
Extension plate (only for 1- or 2-lock operation)84082A
Set of 2 short shafts (only for 1- or 2-lock operation)84081B
Set of 2 long shafts (only for 1- or 2-lock operation)84082B
OptionsOption Code
Mounting situations 
For right hand doorsSSR
For left hand doorsSRL
Mounting situation 1ESE
Mounting situation 2ESZ
Base module/extension plate not crimpedGNS
Throw 15 mmHUB015
Extended shafts for installation of longer locksVLS
Opening counter-clockwiseOGU
Prepared for swing bolt technologySBT
Manipulation protection 
Bolt protection with doubled manganese steel plateRMN
Base module/extension plate with spot welded manganese steel plate 1.5 mm thickGMN
Without bolt protectionORK
Base module/extension plate steel chromatedCHR
Shafts chromatedSCH
AccessoriesOrder number
Additional lock driven blocking slide as installation set3 118 000 060


Bolt workOrder code
Defender Module 184081
Mounting situationsOption code
For right hand doors (under certain conditions also suitable for left hand doors)SRR
For left hand doors (under certain conditions also suitable for right hand doors)SRL
Bolt work Order Code
Defender Module 2 84082
Mounting situations  
Mounting situation 1 Option Code
Right hand doorMounting situation 1 - Right hand door Mounting situation 1 - Right hand doorLeft hand doorMounting situation 1 - Left hand door ESE
Mounting situation 2 Option code
Right hand doorMounting situation 2 - Right hand door Left hand doorMounting situation 2 - Left hand door Mounting situation 2 - Left hand doorESZ