Defender 520 - Bolt Work

2-lock operation, 2-/3-/4-sided, gear drive


Defender 520
Defender 520

The 4-sided bolt work is characterised by its smooth running gear wheel and its solid construction.

No defined locking order in case of 2-lock operation.


Bolt work
Dimensions base plate 210 x 200 mm

Installation applications
- 2-lock operation
- 4-sided, shafts 72 mm wide, 2.5 mm thick
- Shaft throw 30 mm, opening angle of handle 90°
- Shaft connections: elongated hole 6.4 x 13.6 mm, Ø 6.4 mm
- Lock mounting: 4 x ¼" BSW threaded bushes
- Mounting position of locks: vertical, bolt down, bolt throw 8.7-12 mm, blocking of horizontal shafts
- For right hand doors, opening counter-clockwise
  NB: "Opening counter-clockwise" is the standard opening direction for right hand doors with lever handles.
  If the door is equipped with a hinged handle, we recommend "opening clockwise".
- Base plate and cover plate steel lacquered
- Shafts steel blank

Gear drive with follower 8 mm

Weight approx. 2,850 g

Caratteristiche tecniche

Bolt workOrder code
Defender 520 - standard84011
OptionsOption code
Installation applications
3-sided (front shaft I, upper shaft II, lower shaft III)SDS
2-sided (front shaft I, hinge side shaft IV)SZS
Shaft throw 20 mm, opening angle of handle 60°HUB020
Shaft throw 25 mm, opening angle of handle 75°HUB025
Lock mounting: 4 M6 threaded bushesSVG
Gear drive with follower 11 mmZRA011
Anti-panic opening function, suitable for access doors (only 1 lock blocking position available)APF
For right hand doors, opening clockwiseSRI
For left hand doors, opening counter-clockwiseSLG
For left hand doors, opening clockwiseSLI
Manipulation protection
Prepared for lock cover (fixing pins for glass or stainless steel plate)VSD
Manganese steel plate as drilling protection, 1.5 mm thickMNB1.5
Manganese steel plate as drilling protection, 3 mm thick (2 x 1.5 mm)MNB003
Guide pins for tightening cordFSD
Shafts galvanised blueOZN

Special types on request